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Radiac Abrasives offers the perfect grinding products for all grinding and cutting-off applications in the cleaning room.  Based on its many years of experience, Radiac has an in-depth knowledge of the problems in casting finishing and has therefore optimized its range of solutions for cutting-off and grinding applications with regards to ergonomics and environmental compatibility.  Our Primary Metals Team helps our customers to optimize their grinding processes.

Foundry Snagging is the fast removal of relatively large amounts of unwanted metal from foundry castings without regard to close tolerances or surface finish requirements.  Coarse grit wheels are used to grind gates, risers, fins, parting lines and other imperfections.  Castings small enough to be carried to the wheel are ground on floor stands, bench stands or pedestal machines.  Swing frame grinders are used on castings too large to be brought to the machine.

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