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Radiac Abrasives, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of conventional bonded and superabrasives. For more than 125 years, Radiac has delivered industry-leading technology, quality products, and service to the metal finishing industry. Acquired by Tyrolit Abrasives in 2009, Radiac manufactures high-performance products for the automotive, bearing, aviation, cutting tools, and primary metals industries. With three US manufacturing locations, Radiac offers more than 50,000 precision-built products of high quality, performance, and repeatability for virtually every manufacturing application.
At Radiac Abrasives, we are dedicated to both our customers and employees by empowering innovation, collaboration, and focus, while rewarding our organization to exceed the expectations of every customer. Join us in fulfilling our mission of remaining innovative while manufacturing grinding products of superior quality that provide engineered solutions, cost savings, and efficiency for our customers.
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