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Product / User Benefits

  • Formulated specifications to fit specific application requirements
  • Longer wheel life
  • Better profile retention for various materials (hard and soft)
  • Better cutting ability
  • Shorter grinding time for bearing and hardened material

Rough & Finish-grinding of balls, commonly known as G1 & G2, Radiac Abrasives engineering designs wheels for multiple types of materials, chrome steel, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Brass, copper, Aluminum and many types of plastic.

General Information:

For these operations, mixtures of SIC and A/O vitrified bonded in grit size 80 – 320 are used. The high forces applied in the machine require extremely hard grinding wheels, which are made in a special production technology.


Ball grinding is done in specially designed machines with horizontal or vertical axis: The balls are ground between a grooved plate and the grinding wheel. The stationary grooved plate is made of cast steel in different hardness according to the application. There is a section cut out, this is where the balls enter and exit the grooves. The grinding wheel spins, while the balls travel through the grooves and get ground down to their final dimension.

Grinding Tools:
  • Grinding wheel type 35 (special design: glued onto steel plate)
  • Grinding wheel type 36ST with inserted nuts

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