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Flat Grinding

Flat Grinding

Flat or face grinding is most commonly used with larger kitchen knives and hunting style knives

These products are ground one side at a time, generally in one pass.  Blade widths are usually over .125 thick.  The most common machines use wheels that are 300 to 450mm in diameter, 10 to 50mm in rim width and a thickness of 100 to 150mm.  Wheel types in flat grinding are Type 2 and Type 52.  This process produces a knife blade with a more substantial thickness in the cutting zone.

Product/User Benefits

  • The bonding system can handle many different types of steel and a variety of knife styles – both forged and steel plate knives
  • Higher productivity due to improved stock removal rates
  • Cool grinding for maximum feed rates
  • Self-sharpening, so no dressing required
  • Environmentally friendly

Epoxy T-52 1Fields of Application

Side grinding of cutting tools such as knives, axes, etc.

General Information

Machine types: e.g. Berger, Siepmann

Surface speed: vs=up to 40 m/s  (7,875 sfpm)