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The perfect regulating wheel for the centerless process

Product / User Benefits

  • Good profile retention ensures long life of the control wheel
  • Good friction coefficient ensures reliable drive of the workpiece

Fields of Applications

  • Bearing industry: centerless grinding of external rings (outer diameter), various shafts
  • Automotive industry: centerless grinding of crankshafts, camshafts, valves, fuel injection elements, cardan joints
  • Tool manufacturing industry: centerless grinding of various tools
  • General machine construction: general centerless grinding

General Information

The centerless grinding process is used to grind perfectly round components in mass production. This way of machining is a complex grinding process, that offers optimum roundness and shortens production time.

We distinguish between plunge feed and continuous through feed system. In both cases, besides a good grinding wheel, also a reliable control wheel is needed to keep the grinding process stable.

This control wheel controls the feeding speed and the revolutions of the workpiece.

The wheel needs to have a good profile retention and also a certain amount of flexibility, to prevent slipping of the components.

CSS-REGULATOR offers the solution to it.