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Product / User Benefits

  • We are a complete system supplier (grinding wheel, regulating wheel, dressing tool)
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Maximum stock removal rates
  • Smaller dressing amounts
  • Maximum running truth and profile accuracy
  • Innovative customized solutions
  • Optimum resistance to coolants/lubricants

Fields of Applications

Using a centerless grinding operation it is possible to grind cylindrical workpieces in lengths of just a few millimeters to several metres both economically and with high precision. In the steel industry this process is used for the machining of bar stock or wire rod.

General Information

Grinding wheel

Grinding wheel


  • Resinoid bond for high stock removal rates
  • Vitrified bond for smaller rod diameters
  • Elastic bond for top surface finish requirements (e.g. nuclear industry)
Regulating wheel



  • Vitrified bond for resinoid grinding wheels
  • Elastic bond for vitrified grinding wheels


High performance tools justifiably place greater demand on the performance of the dressing tools. As a system supplier Tyrolit also offers you the complete range of stationary dressing tools for grinding wheels and regulating wheels.