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Troubleshooting Tips: Tool Room Wheels

Problem Cause Correction
Burning of work piece Poor coolant flow Increase or direct coolant to grinding contact
Wheel acting hard Dress wheel coarser or use softer wheel
Work speed too slow Increase work speed
Infeed too fast Reduce amount of stock removed per pass
Poor surface finish or quality of grind Wheel too soft Dress wheel finer or use hard grade wheel
Wheel too coarse Dress wheel finer or use finer grit wheel
Poor wheel dressing Check diamond sharpness and redress
Machine vibration Check worn bearings and clamping
Dirty coolant Clean coolant through filter
Wheel corner breakdown Poor wheel dressing Dress wheel finer
Wheel too coarse Use finer grit wheel
Wheel to soft Use harder grade wheel
Worn machine bearings Check for run-out and correct
Wheel loading or glazing Wheel too hard Use softer grade wheel
Wheel too fine Use coarser grit wheel
Dirty coolant Filter coolant or replace with new
Poor dressing Redress more frequently