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Troubleshooting Tips: Diamond Dressing Tools

Problem Cause Correction
Bell-mouthed hole Tipped work head
Realign work head
Misalignment of center heights Carefully "zero" centers
Over traveling of wheel Reduce over travel from both ends
Burning of workpiece Wheel too hard Use softer grade wheel
Work speed too slow Increase work speed
Wheel infeed too fast Reduce wheel infeed
Poor coolant flow Ensure coolant directed at grinding contact
Chatter Marks Wheel too hard Use softer wheel
Spindle material not rigid enough Replace spindle
Defective belt Replace belt
Wheel out of balance or truth Balance and/or true wheel... avoid use of bushed wheels
Dust or other particles inside wheel pully motor Clean inside surface of pulleys
Worn spindle Machine not on solid foundation Replace spindleAssure machine is properly aligned and not adjacent to heavy vibrating machines
Chatter Marks Out of balance Balance carefully on own mount in and rebalance after truing operation
Out of round True before and after balancing
Acting too hard Use faster dressing feed and traverse
Checking or Burning of the Work Wheel too hard
Poor dress
Use a faster dress to open the wheel
Diamond Lines in Work Dressing too fast Slow dress the wheel face
Feed lines or spirals on workpiece Poor wheel dressing Redress wheel carefully
Wheel too hard Use softer wheel or reduce wheel feed
Wheel head tipped Realign wheel head
Inaccuracies in Work Improper dressing Check alignment of dress
Out-of-round hole Overheated during previous rough grinding andbecome distorted Before finish grinding, loosen clamp and retighten one at a time
Rotating fixture out of balance Balance rotating fixture
Hole distorted after front face grinding Grind front face before grinding the hole
Rate of Cut too Slow Dressing too slow Increase the dressing rate to open the wheel face
Scratching of the Work Coarse grit or loading of foreign matter in wheel Dress the wheel
Scratching of work Wheel too soft Use harder grade wheel
Faulty wheel dressing Check for cracked or loose diamond and redress
Wheel too coarse Use finer grit wheel
Dirty coolant Change coolant
Tapered hole Wheel too soft Use harder grade wheel
Uneven travel past each end of hole Adjust over travel to be equal on both ends
Wheel Acting too Soft (not holding size) Improper dress Use lighter dressing feed
Possibly slow down traverse rate
Wheel glazing (shiny appearance) Wheel too hard Use softer grade wheels
Wheel too fine Use coarser grit wheel
Poor wheel dressing Check diamond sharpness and redress
Poor quality/quantity coolant Reduce oil level and increase amount of coolant
Wheel Loading Infrequent dress Dress wheel more often
Wheel loading (metal lodged in wheel pores) Wheel too fine Use coarser grit wheel
Wheel too hard Use softer grade wheel
Wheel too finely dressed Give a more open dressing to wheel
Poor coolant Increase supply and clean coolant
Insufficient wheel breakdown Increase work and traverse speeds