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Troubleshooting Tips: Creep Feed Grinding

Starting Grade Recommendations

White (WA or 9A) r Pink (RAA) or a combination of White or Pink abrasive (9RA). The most friable aluminum oxide grains generally work best on steels and steel alloys.

Silicon Carbide (C, BC, GC) abrasive for aluminum, titanium, and non-ferous materials and non-metallic.

Use fine pore induced porosity.

Select grain size according to required form, corners, radii, and finish requirements.

Select grade and hardness based on material to be ground. C to G grades are most popular with H and I grades being used on easier to grind materials or narrow cross sections. C, D and E grades are preferred for long continuous parts.

Caution should be used in selecting ceramic grain wheels since the ceramic grain can rapidly destroy the expensive diamond dressing rolls.

Note: Please contact Radiac Abrasives application engineer for complete recommendation

Problem Cause Correction
Bounce, chatter and ripple Coolant film boiling Check delivery and quantity of coolant
Too large a depth of cut Reduce cut
Instability Check rigidity of set up
Dressing amount set too low Increase
Dreser to wheel speed ratio too low Increase ratio
Burning, burnishing, cracking Lack of coolant Check delivery pressure and nozzle positions
Coolant mixture out of specifications Check dilution
Hard wheel specification Reduce surface speed of wheel
Coolant deterioration Replace
Wrong feeds and speeds Adjust to suit wheel grade
Dressing amount set too low Increase
Dresser to wheelspeed ration too low Increase ratio
Excessive power being drawn and wheel stall Infeed high Reduce infeed
Work speed high Reduce work speed
Dressing rate too low Increase dressing rate
Loss of Form Coolant film boiling Increase dressing rate or reducetable feed
Work speed too high Reduce work speed or increase wheel
Surface pick up Slow wheel speed Increase surface speed
Excessive dressing Reduce dressing rate
Coolant deterioration Replace coolant
Coolant application Check dressing/grinding nozzle