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Troubleshooting Tips: Crankshaft Grinding

Problem Cause Correction
Chatter in Radii Poor quality coolant Check coolant concentrator
Dull diamond in radii attachment Check and replace
Work head speed too high Slow work head speed
Too high stock removal Reduce stock removal rate
Flats Generated on Diameter Wheel too hard Use softer cutting wheel
Wheel out of balance Balance wheel
Steady rest deflection Ensure rigid steady rest
Poor Finish Wheel too coarse or too soft Use harder grade and/or finer grit
Improper wheel dressing Use sharp, rigidly held diamond
tool with point contact below center
Dress traverse too fast Dress wheel finer
Thrust Face Burning One side burning - poor diamond dressing Redress and/or redress at increased infeed
Both sides burning - poor diamond dressing Use corner diamond dress & check for worn diamond
Thrust Face Poor Geometry (stepped/taper) Wheel too soft Use harder acting, better corner holding wheel
Workspeed too high Workspeed too high - Slow work speed
Wheel speed too low Increase wheel speed, check correct pully
Tapered wall wheel too hard Use softer acting wheel