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Troubleshooting Tips: Camshaft Grinding

Problem Cause Correction
Chatter on Cam Nose Interference of rocker bar motion Sludge jamming motion, clean
or replace
Scored bearings Check for irregularities in rocker bearings
Insufficient lubrication Tight bearings in rocker bar - lubricate
Insufficient rocker tension
Tighten rocker tension
Irregular Ramp Contour Interference of rocker motion Sludge jamming motion or scored bearing;
clean and/or replace; lubricate
Loose bearings Check bearings for
excessive wear
Insufficient contact between
master cam and follower
Ensure positive contact
Poor Quality Wheel too coarse Use finer grit wheel
Wheel too hard Use softer grade of grinding
Poor quality of dressing Ensure quality diamond and
dress technique
Dirty coolant Ensure clean coolant and change filter regularly
Poor coolant concentrate Check coolant