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Super Finishing

Super Finishing

Precision Quality for Rollers

Product Benefits

  • Improved Roundness
  • Surface Finish / Visual
  • Waviness

General Information:

Super-Finishing being the final operation for the Roller means, the integrity for final approval lies with this operation

super finish

  • Vitrified / Resin Bonds
  • A/O, SIC , Graphite
  • A/O Vitrified Bond: Better Material Removal /  First Stations
  • SIL Vitrified Bond: Better Surface Quality / Mainly Final stations
  • Mixture of SIL-A/O together with Vitrified Bond
  • A/O, Graphite Resin Bond Extremely Low Surface Finish
  • Multi-Station Clamping mechanism with steel  drive support rolls
Tool Shapes:
  • Types- 54SCH, (Special Design to match roller profile, 54SCH Blocks made for cut to size