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Strato Ultra

Strato Ultra

A new force in surface and creep feed grinding

Product / User Benefits

  • Reduced grinding times
  • Significantly better profile retention
  • Cooler grinding
  • Increased wheel life

Fields of Applications

Grinding of Turbine rotor vanes (Fir-tree, external and Z profile).  Can be used on aerospace engine vanes and blades and land based turbine vanes and blades.

STRATO-ULTRA can be used universally and can be specified for all common applications and machine types.

Examples of Applications: NGV aircraft turbine | Fir-tree profile turbine blades

General Information

TYROLIT is the market and technology leader in the field of high-porosity grinding wheels for creep feed grinding. With the STRATO product line, TYROLIT is setting new standards of quality and performance. It has now launched STRATO-ULTRA, representing the next generation of surface and creep feed grinding wheels.

Pre-forming reduces dressing costs

STRATO-ULTRA substitutes expensive grinding wheels:

Particularly in the turbine industry, STRATO-ULTRA can be used instead of grinding wheels with expensive ceramic aluminium oxides without sacrificing performance. Ceramic aluminium oxide reacts very aggressively to the diamond dressing roll and consequently generates increased diamond wear.

STRATO-ULTRA saves money two ways:
  • Through lower grinding costs
  • Through longer service of the diamond dresser roll

TYROLIT offers its customers pre-formed grinding wheels. Depending on the profile, depth, simple edge profiles and customized pre-forming can significantly reduce set-up times and associated dressing roll wear.