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Metal-bonded grinding tools for flute grinding


With the STARTEC XP-P+ product line, TYROLIT defines a new performance level for flute grinding on cemented carbide cutting tools. Two different diamond qualities and the innovative bond structure lead either to a significant reduction in grinding forces or to a major increase in profile retention. The precision of the processed tools remains at the same familiar high level.

Product / User Benefits

  • Improved profile holding
  • Improved stock removal
  • Unattended operations
  • Reduce cost per piece
  • Makes you more competitive in market place


Flute grinding of cemented carbide round tools

General Information

General Information: The STARTEC XP-P+ product line defines the next level in flute grinding on Carbide cutting tools. The XP-P+ product offers two solutions with an innovative bond structure.

  1. DP designation for superior profile retention while maintaining a high level of quality and precision.
  2. DC designation offers increased productivity yet providing excellent quality when stock removal is the main goal.