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Laboratory cut-off wheels for metallurgical samples

Product / User Benefits

  • Color coded wheel
  • Optimum cut-off wheel system
  • Wide range of materials
  • Precise cutting area
  • Clean cutting surface

Fields of Applications

Cutting-off metallurgical samples.

General Information

With the SECUR-LAB program of laboratory cut-off wheels we offer the optimum cut-off wheel for a diversity of materials, workpiece dimensions and hardness.

You can find a range of dimensions and specifications for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, titanium, HSS, ceramics, cemented carbide and minerals in the attached flyer.

Specification A80-BH A80-BM A80-BS A80-BN A80-BT
Application for   soft
ferrous metals
< HRC 30
for   medium
ferrous metals
HRC 30 – 55
for   especially hard
ferrous metals
> HRC 55
for   non-ferrous
metals and plastics
for   titanium and
titanium alloys