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Resin Centerless

Resin Centerless

Bar grinding

Resin bonds break down due to softening, caused by the heat of grinding.  This allows mechanical breakdown at controlled temperatures.  If thermal mechanical breakdown does not take place, then the wheel must be dressed.

Select Resin

  • For most centerless thru-feed operations
  • For most bar or tube grinding operations
  • Use when high amounts of stock removal and lower control tolerances are required
  • Use when grinding medium hardness materials like automotive parts: 1060, M1, M5

Applications depend on the machine and part diameter, as well as length.  On the smaller machines, wheels may be a single piece or set.  As the widths increase, the probability of 2 or even 3 piece wheels increase.  The sets may be the same grit size or multiple grits.  Radiac offers both types to meet customer needs.


General recommendations
Bond Application Grades
B325 Super Alloys/Older Machines H-P
B90, RB8 General Purpose K-R
B100 Stiffer than B90 – coolant resistant P-S
B572 Rigid – stiffest bond system K-S
Recommended Specifications
General Purpose C2A601-Q6/5-B90
General Purpose – Better Finish C2A801-Q6/5-B90
Higher Carbon 97A601-Q6/5-B90
Lower Carbon AC60-Q6/5-B90