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Radiac Centerless

Radiac Centerless

Radiac’s centerless product technology and Cincinnati bonding system have a long history of development

Radiac’s centerless product technology and Cincinnati bonding systems have a long history of development which parallel the advancements in centerless grinding. The centerless grinder was first made as a grinding lathe in the early 1860’s. The present types, which are the results of over 100 years of development by many founders in this industry. However, the outstanding achievement in the process of precision cylindrical grinding was the introduction of the centerless machine, which took place over 60 years ago. This type of machine has proved itself in both high production and small to medium grinding shops.

Today, the centerless grinder incorporates several principles which are entirely different from traditional cylindrical/centertype grinding. In order to maximize the proven benefits of centerless grinding, it’s very important to implement Radiac’s state of the art centerless grinding products. The Radiac/Cincinnati systems have been developed to bring you the maximum in overall grinding performance:

  • Maximum stock removal capability
  • Shorter grinding cycle times
  • Superior part quality from piece to piece
  • Lowest possible cost per unit performance
  • “Systems approach” in supplying grind wheel, regulating wheel and diamond tools

Radiac’s Automotive Team have the industry’s longest tenure in application expertise & support for this unique centerless grinding process. The combined product technology and application expertise provides the industry’s best possible centerless grinding process solutions.