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Cylindrical plunge grinding with electroplated CBN high performance grinding tools

Product / User Benefits

  • For precision work on highly-stressed profiles
  • Reduces process costs by maximizing tool life
  • Reduces process costs by maximizing stock removal performance

Fields of Applications

Electroplated CBN wheels for cylindrical plunge grinding.

Examples of Application:

General Information

With the POLARIS product line, TYROLIT is setting a new performancestandard for electroplated CBN grinding wheels. The specification is tailored to your application to give the longest tool life and highest traverse speeds.

TYROLIT has many years of practical experience and has consequently acquired a wealth of expertise in the design of precision tools. This guarantees optimum process performance and costs. Even during the quotation process, our experienced design engineers will be already be working on the optimum tool design to suit your process (1).

Experienced application engineers support you in the use of these high precision tools and contribute towards permanently reducing machining costs for each component while increasing process stability (2).

TYROLIT collaborates with you in assessing the grinding process and the potential for improvement it offers (3). The used CBN tool is also analysed and the main wear zones identified and optimised where necessary (4). The process documentation and the reproducibility of the products comply with the latest standards.

The new POLARIS product line combines these process stages to create an overall concept from which you too can also benefit.

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Further product and application benefits:

  • Specifically targets zones with the highest levels of tool wear
  • Maximum profile accuracy
  • High process stability during use
  • Longest tool life
  • Can be related more than once
  • Uniform embedding characteristic also in complex profiles