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MIRA BG Bevel Gear Grinding Cup Wheel

MIRA BG Bevel Gear Grinding Cup Wheel

Economically efficient grinding of bevel gears

 Product / User Benefits

  • High productivity
  • Low heat build up
  • Highest profile retention
  • Available with or without mounting plates

Fields of Applications

Grinding of bevel gears with grinding cup wheels

General Information

The higher quality requirements for the production of bevel gears demand hard-fine machining. In the MIRA BG product line TYROLIT offers an optimum solution for grinding bevel gears. Maximum profile holding in conjunction with reduced thermal stress on workpieces allow a larger number of units to be machined in each dressing cycle.The steel cores used can be processed more than once, enabling them to be reused. Alternatively, less expensive one-way cores can be used.