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Conventional OD Grinding

Conventional OD Grinding

When it comes to grinding the OD of ball valves, gate shafts and valve flanges, Radiac Abrasives has experience in conventional and superabrasives technologies to cover the range of requirements for valve manufacturing.

Product / User Benefits

  • New grit mixtures in conjunction with finer grit sizes guarantee a better surface finish for workpieces.  In the are of superabrasives, vibration-dampened core materials are used exclusively, as these guarantee a longer wheel life and better surfaces.
  • Core Competency Center in Oswego IL for the application of advanced resin and vitrified superabrasives technology

Common sizes, hard chrome grinding

  • 30 x 3 x 12

Common specifications

  • High performance:  31Q 80 V
  • Pink:  RA 80 V
  • White:  WA 60 V