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Finishing with tapes in the automotive and components industry

Product /User Benefits

  • High process stability
  • Constant surface structure
  • Process optimized products
  • Defined process costs

Fields of Applications

Finishing of Camshafts, Crankshafts, Valves, Steering racks, Shock absorbers, Gearbox shafts, etc.

General Information

  • Constant result
    Due to our manufacturing process, only virgin material comes in to contact with your workpiece, guaranteeing a uniform, reproducible finishing action and, as a consequence, a constant finishing result.
  • Specific process
    Due to our manufacturing process our tape is considered part of your entire finishing process, and the products are specifically designed for the machine tools, workpieces and materials.
  • Reliable quality
    With FACETEC MF, both the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing of the products are carried out following rigorous quality guidelines (ISO 9001); based on the specific product design, the required surface results are reliably achieved.
  • Economical
    Unlike the technique of stone finishing using honing oil, all commercially available cooling lubricants – even spray cooling – can be used with tapes. This is distinctly cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and more economical.