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The new formula Viper

Product / User Benefits

  • Greatly increased profile retention
  • Minimized burn risk
  • Increased number of components per wheel
  • Reduced grinding time

Fields of Applications

The patented VIPER system, developed in a TYROLIT joint venture, excels with its completely new and revolutionary approach to grinding operations for turbine rotor blades and nozzle guide vanes (NGV).

General Information

The VIPER system is a new special creep feed grinding method. The special Nozzle positioning with a coolant pressure of 70-100 bar allows to reach very high Material Removal Rates.

TYROLIT has succeeded in further advancing its special grinding wheels for this specific process and come up with its new generation of VIPER-ULTRA.

The development of the new, patented VIPER-ULTRA matrix, as well as the sintering process enables a controlled wetting and coating of the grain surface, thereby providing the basis for significantly improved bonding of the grain.

The new VIPER-ULTRA bond system is capable of absorbing exceptionally high dynamic loads without damaging the bond bridges; resulting in optimal use of the abrasive grain.

The matrix in conventional high-porous bond systems yields and is broken up under the influence of high infeed rates as a result of the alternating high frequency forces.