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Internal grinding in overdrive

Product / User Benefits

  • A significant increase in performance compared with conventional grinding tools made of fused aluminium oxides allows you to fully exploit your machine potential.
  • COLUMBIA grinding wheels have made it possible to achieve unbelievable increases in performance in many applications. These tools made of sintered aluminium oxide reduce the grinding forces in the process and are subject to significantly less wear. The result is high stock removal rates combined with significantly improved grinding wheel lifetimes.
  • In manufacturing processes with many linked machining operations, the internal cylindrical grinding steps are bottleneck operations. In such cases, the increases in performance achieved with these tools result in very high process cost savings.

Fields of Applications

  • Bearing industry: internal rings (bore), external rings (race)
  • Automotive industry: CV joints, bearing bushings, races (bearing seat)
  • Gear industry: gear wheel bores
  • Tool manufacturing industry: bores of various tools
  • General machine construction: general internal cylindrical grinding in series production

General Information

In comparison with other grinding operations, internal cylindrical grinding wheels have to compensate for a number of process-related disadvantages:

  • As a result of the small diameter, there are fewer abrasive grains on the circumference. Each single grain is subjected to a significantly higher load.
  • Supply of coolant/lubricant is often not optimally possible for space reasons.

COLUMBIA wheels master such conditions with ease. Tyrolit’s specialist application engineers match COLUMBIA products to individual requirements and thus minimise the need for testing.

In addition to straight grinding wheels (with or without recess), Tyrolit also manufactures all types of edge profiles.