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Centuria for Automotive Industry

Centuria for Automotive Industry

The cool cut for face grinding

Product User Benefits

  • Radiac offers a complete range of conventional, resin bonded tools for face grinding
  • Due to especially high bond strength, it’s possible to reduce the required bond content, thus reducing friction in the grinding process
  • Any influence due to the grinding emulsion is reliably prevented even after a long period of operation
  • Longer wheel life
  • Lower temperatures in the grinding process
  • Consistent grinding behavior even after a long period of operation

Fields of Applications

General Information

Different face grinding methods are used for rational production of functional surfaces with high requirements relating to evenness, plane parallelism and surface finish.

Either both faces are machined simultaneously (double side face grinding) or only one face is machined using single wheels, segments, rings or cups. The components are often manufactured in mass production, which means that there are high requirements with respect to process stability.

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The nature of the process means that there are large contact areas and long grain contact paths, leading to low forces on individual grains.  The result of this is increased generation of heat and this must be counteracted by intelligent tool concepts.

These varying requirements are adapted to the respective application through use of different technologies.

CENTURIA offers the solution.