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Posted April 17, 2014 in New Products

STRATO ULTRA – A new force in surface grinding and creep feed grinding.

TYROLIT is the market and technology leader of high-porosity grinding wheels for creep feed grinding. With the STRATO product line, TYROLIT has launched the next generation of surface and creep feed grinding wheels, setting new standards of quality and performance.

Advantages of STRATO ULTRA

  • Reduced grinding times
  • Increased profile retention
  • Cooler grinding
  • Increased wheel life

STRATO ULTRA does the job of more expensive wheels: In the turbine industry, STRATO ULTRA can be used instead of grinding wheels with expensive ceramic aluminum oxide grains without sacrificing performance. Depending on the profile depth, simple edge profiles and customized pre-forming can significantly reduce setup times and associated dressing roll wear.

Large pores allow cool grinding: During creep feed grinding, large contact surfaces and high feed rates generate large amounts of grinding energy (heat). The high-porosity STRATO ULTRA bond system allows better absorption of the grinding coolant into the wheel. The result: dramatically improved part quality thanks to increased profile retention and cooler grinding.

Pre-formed reduces dressing costs: TYROLIT can offer its customers pre-formed grinding wheels. Depending on the profile depth, simple edge profiles and customized pre-forming can significantly reduce set-up times and associated dressing roll wear.

Picture 007 Picture 033
with edge profile
with customized pre-form


STRATO ULTRA saves money in two ways:

  • Through lower grinding costs
  • Through longer service of the dressing roll

Available Sizes:

External Diameter:  10″ – 24″

Wheel Width:           0.375″ – 10″


STRATO ULTRA can be used universally and can be specified for all common applications and machine types.

   Turbine Strator Vane - Round Profile  Turbine Rotor Vane - External Profile  Turbine Rotor Vane - Z Profile
Turbine rotor vane
Fir-tree profile
Turbine strator vane
Round profile
Turbine rotor vane
External profile
Turbine rotor vane
Z profile
Saw blade guide rail thread profile hub profile
Saw blade
Tooth profile
Guide rail
Running surface
Thread profile
Hub profile















A complete grinding system from a single source The function of a roller dresser is to achieve a geometric profile and the desired wheel form. The combined system of the TYROLIT diamond roller dressers with the corresponding grinding wheel reduces thermal stress on the workpiece which enables you to achieve optimum grinding results.

Field of Application

TYROLIT diamond roller dressers are used mainly in the turbine, automotive and tool manufacturing industries.

Advantages of using diamond roller dressers

  • High profile accuracy
  • Reduced dressing costs
  • Long service life

TYROLIT diamond dressers are idea for the following grinding processes:

  • CD (Continuous Dressing)
  • HSCD (High Speed Continuous Dressing)
  • IPD (In Process Dressing or Cycle Dressing)
  • High Speed Pendulum Grinding

Click here to download the STRATO ULTRA brochure.