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Six Degrees of Bonded Abrasives: Abrasives and Baseball

Posted March 31, 2014 in Six Degrees of Bonded Abrasives

Six Degrees of Bonded Abrasives: Abrasives and Baseball

Today begins the blog series “Six Degrees of Bonded Abrasives.” Through this recurring series, we will highlight items that pertain to the everyday world and how a grinding wheel was part of the process in which it was made.

In celebration of Baseball Opening Day, here are 9 items you will find at a ballpark.

Inning 1 – Steel

1. Steel is used in Stadium Construction.
2. Steel is cut with Large Diameter Cut-Off Wheels.

Inning 2 – Grass

1. Grass is cut with a lawn mower.
2. Lawn mowers have blades.
3. Blades are made with a grinding wheel.

Inning 3 – Wood

1. Baseball bats are made out of wood.
2. Wood is cut with fashioned steel and carbide cutting tools.
3. The tools are fabricated with superabrasive wheels.

Inning 4 – Leather

1. Baseball gloves are made using cowhide.
2. The cowhide is harvested with cutlery.
3. Cutlery is made with grinding wheels.

Inning 5 – Uniforms

1. Baseball uniforms are made with fabric.
2. Fabric is made from thread using a needle.
3. Needles are made with a grinding wheel.

Inning 6 – Hot Dogs

1. Hot Dogs are made from beef.
2. Beef is processed in a meat packing plant.
3. The meat packing plant uses stainless blades.
4. Stainless blades are made with a grinding wheel.

Inning 7 – Seventh Inning Stretch

1. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is sung through amplification.
2. Amplification uses speaker boxes.
3. Speaker boxes contain wire.
4. Wire is made by wire drawing dies.
5. Wire drawing dies are made with diamond lapping compound.

Inning 8 – Beer

1. Beer is made from grain.
2. The grain is harvested by a thresher.
3. The thresher blade is made from steel.
4. The steel is sharpened with a grinding wheel.

Inning 9 – Cars

1. Cars are used to get to and from the game.
2. Cars have a crankshaft.
3. Crankshafts are made with CBN wheels.