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Posted March 21, 2014 in Company News

Over the past decade Radiac Abrasives has acquired numerous companies in the abrasive and superabrasive industries. These moves have strengthened and solidified our product offering and allowed us to position ourselves strongly in a competitive marketplace. Over the past several months, we have undergone a brand consolidation project in which we have committed to represent a unified company proudly known as Radiac Abrasives, A TYROLIT Company. We will continue to sell the products you already know under the name brands Radiac Abrasives or TYROLIT, based on specific industry and the manufacturing location.

Through the brand consolidation process, we consolidated the following brands in our portfolio: Bates Abrasives, Bay State Abrasives, Pacific Grinding Wheel, Blanchard Abrasives, US Diamond Wheel, Standard Diamond and National Grinding Wheel.

Brand Consolidation
To the customer, the changes were mainly cosmetic and had very little impact on the overall business with Radiac. The brand changes did not affect the individual product specifications, product performance, production location, product markings or any other product characteristic. Specifically, the bond and abrasive formulations did not change. Our objective is to create consistent brand awareness and recognition within the industries we serve.