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Posted March 19, 2015 in Company News, Products

Radiac Abrasives is your partner in the gear industry. Hard finishing of gears requires high quality tools with close tolerances.

Additionally, application and process knowledge as well as fast, flexible customer service is required for this industry. Radiac/Tyrolit has developed the MIRA line of products and a team of people, which is dedicated to the gear industry to meet these strict demands. This strategic move makes Radiac/Tyrolit a true partner to the gear industry and we are prepared with both specifications and knowledge to fully support all hard gear finishing requirements. Our dedicated Gear Team can be reached at gear@radiac.com or by calling (630) 566-9785.



Vitrified bonded profile grinding wheels for gear grinding

The combination of specific engineered grain and a new high strength bond system guarantees cool grinding while reducing cycle time and cost per unit.

Benefits of MIRA ICE
+ Increased material removal rates
+ increased heel life
+ Increased machine capacity



Vitrified bonded grinding wheels for continuous generating gear grinding

TYROLIT’s new MIRA ULTRA bond system was developed to create superior profile holding properties and at the same time offer the user a decrease in shift from part to part. ULTRA’s porous structure minimizes the risk of grinding burns commonly found in generating grinding. This powerful combination allows for decreases in cycle time as well as an increase in parts per dress.

Benefits of MIRA ULTRA
+ Profile holding bond for increased tool life
+ Increased productivity
+ Improvement in gear quality
+ Decreased Cost per Unit (CPU)
+ Competitive Pricing



Vitrified and resin bonded honing wheels for tooth flank honing

The MIRA REX product line has made it possible to provide the optimum production solution for high-efficiency honing. The continuous development of new specifications guarantees the maximum performance from the honing wheel and increased dressing intervals.

Benefits of MIRA REX 
+ Maximum performance
+ Short initial dressing times
+ Rapid availability
+ Complete system solution provider


Diamond dressing gears and rolls for dressing gear honing wheels

MIRA DDG is the industry leader in diamond dressing gears. Honing wheels are trued and sharpened during the dressing process. MIRA DDG guarantees optimum dressing results, the best possible tooth geometry and surface quality as well as long tool service life.

Benefits of MIRA DDG
+ Increased life of both DDG and honing wheel
+ Accuracy
+ Replating also available
+ Complete system solution provider



Plate mounted vitrified bond grinding wheels for bevel gears

In the MIRA BG product line, TYROLIT/Radiac offers an optimum solution for grinding bevel gears. Maximum profile holding in conjunction with reduced thermal stress on workpieces allow for an increase in parts per dress. Steel or abrasive mounting plates made to customer’s specific design can be used.

Benefits of MIRA BG
+ High productivity
+ Low heat build-up
+ Highest profile retention
+ Available with or without mounting plates

For more information on the MIRA product line, contact our GEAR TEAM at gear@radiac.com or by calling (630) 566-9785.